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Write For Us

Oh WoW! You want to write for us that’s why you reach here.

Do you believe that you have a great idea to share with our readers? Do you think our viewers love to go through your stuff? Are you committed with the information you wish people to get aware about? Does your offered material is something fresh perspective or opinion for readers? If yes, then you can contact us and get the fame by publishing the great thoughts.

Make sure to check each piece of knowledge with our writing guidelines before submission. We want to provide unique and enormous piece of information to our viewers. It means that whoever wants to write for us must bear the pain while contributing at ObjectMe.com.

Thousands of users reach over this platform ObjectMe.com to read and quench the thirst of upgrading their knowledge. ObjectMe possess numerous followers over social media. We do not believe to limit them by counting and mentioning here. If anyone wishes to recognize them, please visit our website and social media pages.

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Writing Guidelines:

  • We publish the content of more than 600 words. There is no limit of maximum word count. But do not linger the idea unnecessarily.
  • Your sentences must be fluent. Language must be easy to understand. Use rich vocabulary but it should not too hard that our reader won’t like them. Explain your perspective only where necessary.
  • Do not use abusive language. Pointing out any specific cast, race or religion is also prohibited in your written contribution.
  • Your submitted written material do not seems like a story or fairy tales. It must reflect different approach and unique thoughts.
  • Informative links and references can be included in the article. Any affiliate link or link of your website is not allowed in it. If in case your desire is to add any specific link, you must contact and talk our editor team prior the submission.

Last but not least, the most important & crucial point to follow is the quality and attraction. Interesting & engaging stuff is always the priority of ObjectMe.com.

Submission Method:

ObjectMe.com prefers to see a draft prior to final submission. Keep in mind that we accept informative, attractive and unique presentation. We do not publish any duplicate or previously published write up.

Email us your submission. We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft. You may also send us a plain text file or a MS Word document.

Revision & Publication:

Once you write for us and submitted your work to ObjectMe.com, our editor will carefully review it. If editor feel to revise minor things, we can edit it ourselves. Otherwise either we can reject it or can return you back for revising the stuff. Team of our publication tries their best to communicate and address the problems and issues in your submission but they are not liable for it.

When the submission is finalize and ready to show our readers, it belongs to ObjectMe.com. You won’t have any right to publish it at any other place or forum. All the articles are scheduled to be live on a specific date. Our editor team will inform you about the same.